New York Magazine's gastronomic gossip blog, Grub Street, picked up on The Cooking Room's back-to-school momentum with a great write-up today on what we've been up to. (Hint: It involves an urban farm and a fresh curriculum.) Watch this space for details, coming soon. Read more: Zak Pelaccio Might Teach Your Kid How to Cook (Grub Street New York)
Turns out, chips aren't actually cheaper than broccoli, and we have the numbers to prove it: Check out this cool NYTimes infographic to see how a healthy meal stacks up against a drive-through buy. So what's stopping people from eating better? Time, says Mark Bittman in this week's Sunday Review. Read more: Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? (
This New York Times op-ed makes a case for bringing back the cooking class in public schools. The author, Helen Zoe Veit, writes about her first experience cooking in school: "It was the first time I had ever really cooked anything. I remember that it was fun, and with an instructor standing by, it wasn’t hard. Those were deeply empowering lessons, ones that stuck with me when I first started cooking for myself in earnest after college." Read more: Time to Revive Home Ec (
Check us out: The Cooking Room was recently featured on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution site! Read the article to learn more about what we've done - and what we've learned - since starting The Cooking Room.

The GOP is pushing for less oversight when it comes to how companies market unhealthy food to kids.

Today in The Huffington Post, chef and PS3 dad Zak Pelaccio writes about how he helped start The Cooking Room: A little over a year ago, the principal of Public School 3 in New York City pulled me aside and said, "I think I have something you may be interested in." Read more.

In this Time article, chefs talk about how they feel about obesity and just how responsible they feel about it. Their responses vary widely. Zak Pelaccio, of Fatty Crab and Fatty 'Cue in New York City, stresses that people don't need to "fear salt and fat, but understand how these ingredients can be used" and has started a nonprofit called the Cooking Room that teaches kids to cook to that end.
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Support PS3 and come to the PS3 Auction  for the Arts gala event on April 2, 7-10pm @ Stephan Weiss Studio. Proceedings from the auction will support the school's Arts program, including the pilot efforts of The Cooking Room at PS3. Donna Karan has donated the space, which is stunning. There will be food by Zak Pelaccio, PS3 parent, chef at The Cooking Room and owner of Fatty Crab and Fatty 'Cue. He roped in the bartenders from the new Ward III in Tribeca for cocktails. Beer is donated by Brooklyn Brewery, cheese will be provied by Murrays'. Get your tickets now at: