Amy Pearl made a great video about The Cooking Room for The New York Times education blog SchoolBook. In the video, called "Learning to Taste", chef and P.S. 3 parent Zak Pelaccio takes a classroom full of kindergarten students through the "Sour" lesson of our curriculum. Check it out, below, to get a taste of a typical lesson and to see the priceless reactions of kindergarteners tasting limes.
The chef Zakary Pelaccio teaches future foodies how to taste. His students are armed with cutting boards and knives."Curl your fingers under like a claw," the chef instructs. "Then you're going to cut slowly, sawing back and forth." Fingers curl into claws and little hands brandish tiny plastic knives. After all, these cooking students are still in kindergarten. Read more.
Because we love the fact that our classroom lessons on preserving pork and roasting beets are in the Wall Street Journal (and because we love seeing him in the signature WSJ hedcut) we couldn't be more excited that Zak was featured as "Donor of the Day" this week for his work with The Cooking Room. Congrats!

One quick note: The fundraising party mentioned in the story has been moved and will be held in November, not next Monday. Watch this space for details!