Turns out, chips aren't actually cheaper than broccoli, and we have the numbers to prove it: Check out this cool NYTimes infographic to see how a healthy meal stacks up against a drive-through buy. So what's stopping people from eating better? Time, says Mark Bittman in this week's Sunday Review. Read more: Is Junk Food Really Cheaper? (NYTimes.com)
This New York Times op-ed makes a case for bringing back the cooking class in public schools. The author, Helen Zoe Veit, writes about her first experience cooking in school: "It was the first time I had ever really cooked anything. I remember that it was fun, and with an instructor standing by, it wasn’t hard. Those were deeply empowering lessons, ones that stuck with me when I first started cooking for myself in earnest after college." Read more: Time to Revive Home Ec (NYTimes.com)
Check us out: The Cooking Room was recently featured on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution site! Read the article to learn more about what we've done - and what we've learned - since starting The Cooking Room.